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We are now done collecting signatures to get our initiative on the ballot – but we’ll still need your help to make sure it passes!  Please volunteer to help by coming to one of our biweekly meetings or emailing us at  Find out more by clicking on the Get Involved tab.


We’re also building a list of businesses, organizations, and individuals who have formally endorsed our campaign.  An endorsement is simply a public statement of support for GMO Free Humboldt and our initiative.  If you own a business, or you’re part of an organization that would like to support us, please click on the Endorsements tab and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


Everyone working on this initiative is volunteering his or her own time and energy, but there are still a lot of costs involved in running a campaign!  Please click on the Donate tab and contribute today.

23 thoughts on “Support Us Today!

  1. Thank you for doing this. I live in Humboldt County and rely on organic foods to keep me healthy.

  2. Thank you for doing this. I live in Humboldt County and rely on our local organic farmers to stay healthy. GMO crops in our county would contaminate the organic crops. We can not let that happen.

  3. Hopefully other counties will take the lead of Marin, Mendocino, Trinity, Santa Cruz, and now “Fantastic Humboldt.’ I’m so proud of you and how organized you are.Best Wishes-Sonoma

  4. Thank you for doing this very important work. I hope Bill Gates and his Monsanto friends, FDA all chock on their GMO foods.

  5. Thsnk you for doing this very important work. I hope Bill Gates and his monsanto friends, FDA all chock on their GMO foods.

  6. Thank you for starting this very important work. I work on an organic farm in Arcata and keeping our farm free of contaminating gmo’s is crucial.

  7. thank you for doing this work. Hopefully more areas will do the same

  8. I live in Siskiyou County, California, and I support blocking GMO use on our planting of crops. Monsanto has donated millions to our politicians to have them draft in the Agricultural appropriations bill, which excludes them from prosecution or any liability for their seeds which have toxic Roundup genetically included in their seed!!!! They have a team of lawyers who have bankrupted the soy farmers, now they’re after alfalfa for our beef supply!!!! Keep up the good work Linda Comstock

  9. GMO, Genetically Modified Organism aka GE, Genetically Engineered aka LMO, Living Modified Organisms are the most dangerous to Earth Wellness and Human Wellness. The People who are involved in this GMO-business enterprises have created a “deadly monster”. When harvesting GMO food crops, the Air becomes thick with the dangerous DNA of GMO plants, thickening the Air particles with bacteria and viruses, which we have no cure and / or antidote. How will GMO-creators mitigate the dangerous bacterias and viruses released into the environment and have polluted the Water supply, Land, Sea, Ocean, and Air?? have a look at Wisdom: We all breath the same Air which circulates Earth. What happens to Earth, happens to all of us. The Weather and Air circulates around Earth. GMO affects us all; affects all living organisms on Earth. Let us all think about voluntarily eradicating GMO-business enterprises for the sake of Life on Earth. To date, there is NO known planet in the Milky Way where Human Life can thrive. Earth is our Only Home. Let us all take good care of Earth. Thank you all for your awareness, consciousness and reverence for Life. May we all thrive in Wellness. In Wellness, We All Prosper.

  10. The public needs to know if a Corporation the size of Monsanto can bring a lawsuit against the entire population of a state, they are wielding immence power. They DO NOT CARE what the public wants. This kind of capitalism does not belong in a free society. They must be stopped.

  11. Thank you for doing this! I think enough already begging for disclosures in Labeling! Ban GMO like smart countries do! Are you following the national scam by Big corps in WA, DC to pass a ban on GMO labeling requirements that would eradicate any state’s requirements to label? I too have a compromised immune function that has improved a lot since I stopped eating conventional chemical and GMO and I know I am underweight but I do not get colds or flu! My immune function got ripped by eating Gardenburgers everybody had them in health food restaurants in the 1990s and nobody knew they are GMO! I heard a guy speaking about this in WA state anti-GMO forum, and how GMO erodes the immune systems and how they did this early on with Gardenburgers, got to alot of the vegetarians!

    Really changed my life, no pot lucks, very few restaurants,
    …so now my question is: WHAT IS GMO FREE HUMBOLDT?
    1.) No GMO farming or gardening
    2.) NO GMO sold retail, wholesale or Farmer’s Markets
    3.). NO GMO in restaurants, food wagons, cafes, etc

  12. I live in Sacramento. Even thought I am not close to Humboldt County, whatever is done to the crops there affects all of the rest of us in California. The entire state needs to have more and more organic farmers. We should not permit big corporations such as Monsanto determine what is grown i n CAlifornia.

  13. Big one, lots on my mind. I am a public health nurse and eat 80-90% organic. I’m out of work currently because of incapacitating headaches & intend to do what I can to assist while now 2 weeks into a new therapeutic regimen (Traditional Chinese, as 20 years of Western Medicine has failed me). The headaches often correspond with clusters of days that appear to have been heavy SRM/geo-engineering/cloud-seeding aerosol days. There’s a lot of controversy–even denial surrounding this agenda, like GMOs, both perhaps interconnected and–sadly–nonissues in the professional public health community. Like so many everyday people, many of my peers want to believe that when our authorities say that something like GMOs are safe, it is so. Yet an emerging body of independent research says otherwise. Mounting research also validates the reality of present-day weather-modification programs that include US Air Force and other planes filling our sky (and lungs) with aerosolized aluminum and other harmful substances. (Pls see or watch “What in the World Are They Spraying”–should still be free on YouTube).

    Every one should be aware that Monsanto recently bought a weather modification company. See . As I said above, these two “engineering” agendas are likely intertwined. With trends on disease rising (some like asthma skyrocketing) despite all the fantastic corporate progress like this out there, including vaccines that are also supposed to be safe and helpful, we need to be asking ourselves what is really going on. I know I’ve just ripped opened more than one hornets’ nest here without even mentioning the TPP. The point is that we have a problem with big corporations playing god with biology & the entire planet in the name of big profits for the already megawealthy 0.1%, their buying our politicians through outlandish campaign contributions, their revolving-door staffing of our regulatory agencies, AND in playing hardball with all who challenge their agendas. It is unfortunate, but it seems that power still corrupts, and absolute power still corrupts absolutely. Secrecy, profits and power are pretty common themes with industry & government relations, and lots in the news lately.

    As more people get involved in doing whatever they can to challenge harmful industry practices, taking power back to the living, breathing people, we will see a tipping point and can rest assured we’re on the road to multifaceted healing for ourselves & the planet.

    • Great comment. I totally agree. I am also incapacitated from the GMO food and the spraying. It is a constant battle to find food I can safely eat. Wish there was more I could do. It is too bad we do not have some rogue scientists that would start collecting data in our area and coordinate the spraying and peoples responses.

      A few years ago, I was in a southern state and I saw men in a truck going up and down the street spraying a gas. When I asked what they were doing I was told they were spraying for mosquitoes. The next morning everyone up and down the block had a terrible night, bad headaches, and emotionally sensitive (i.e. would cry over nothing). They all assumed that it was their individual health that caused it and not the spraying.

      Blessings and recovery.

  14. I am a mom, a public health nurse and just one more person concerned with disease and economic inequality on the rise despite claims by powerful corporations that their products are so good for us, we need not question whether their agendas are in any way related to growing ecological, health and economic crises. Yet we must question.

    Question why a number of farmers in India have commit suicide by drinking RoundUp,

    Why Monsanto just bought a weather modification company,

    What experts are saying about geo-engineering and its aerosol pollution in our skies ( );

    Question why late president Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex and where Monsanto stands in that group (;

    Question whether power still corrupts or whether we can trust our current political & industrial establishment leaders, overlooking conflict-of-interest alliances between each as in revolving door positions in so-called regulatory agencies;

    Question powerful entities like governments and multinational corporations getting together in secret meetings to form trade pacts such as the TPP; question the secrecy employed by the Federal Reserve and why it continues to operate despite the end of its 100 year charter; question the now not-so-secret programs like the NSA spying on every person and business on our planet–how long this has been going on and why they haven’t been able to prevent one single act of terror;

    Question why whistle-blowers who bring awareness to government crime, fascist practices and crimes against humanity are persecuted instead of protected despite our authorities’ earlier pledges to protect whistle-blowers.

    I asked these questions, found disturbing answers and the impetus to regularly call & write my “representatives”, keep a record of suspicious airplane exhaust/aerosol through the Skyder Alert app and to assist in projects like the California State Ballot Initiative to label GMOs. I buy mostly organic from socially responsible companies, using Buycott to quickly scan & learn before I buy. I garden & barter, educate myself almost daily, taking the pulse of the planet then meditate to calm down & process.

    So many are just waking up, asking what can they do. This initiative is one of MANY things.

  15. come to this educational event on Monday 27 @ 6pm ~~Humboldt Hill Grange, 5845 Humboldt Hill Rd. Eureka CA 95503~~
    The California State Grange, Label GMOs and GMO Free Humboldt are proud to present speaker Howard Vlieger, a third generation family farmer who has been a “student of the soil,” studying why and how soil works as it does, since 1989. Vlieger, the primary coordinator and co-author of the only livestock feeding study in which GMO and non-GMO corn and soy were fed to pigs for their lifetime as a meat animals, lives on the family farm where he was born and raised in northwest Iowa. His study was published in the June 2013 Journal of Organic Systems. Vlieger is internationally-recognized for his work with GMO crops and biological crop production. His experience with crop nutrition advisory dates from 1992 and his research and testing of GMO crops to 1994/1996. He has worked with crop and livestock producers all across the US and in Canada. Vlieger presents firsthand knowledge, from a real farmer and researcher, about the challenges associated with GMO crops, including how GMO crops affect soil, plants, animals and humans.

    The tour also features short presentations from both the President of the CA Grange, Bob McFarland & Pamm Larry, initial instigator of Prop 37.
    Bob McFarland is serving a third term as the President of the California State Grange. Formed in 1867, the Grange is the oldest agricultural organization in the country with
    10,000 members serving 215 communities in California. Since taking office in 2009, McFarland has shepherded a return to the Grange’s agrarian roots, spurring unprecedented
    membership growth and an increased awareness of the Grange as a driving force supporting California farmers and consumers.
    Pamm Larry is the Initial Instigator of Prop 37, the 2012 California Ballot Initiative to label Genetically Engineered Foods. As the Director of, Larry and regional leaders continue to educate and work on GMO issues.

    GMO Free Humboldt will also give a brief presentation about current county-wide efforts to protect our local organic farming.

    Vlieger’s presentations are free, as an educational opportunity for our community, our farmers, grange members, and everyone interested in learning more about GMOs. There will be opportunity to ask questions.

    More About Howard
    Howard serves on the board of directors of the Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) and the Council for Healthy
    Food Systems (CHFS). He is a strong conservative and for many years has been a delegate for his county to the Iowa
    State Republican Convention. His greatest accomplishments are being a Christian husband for 32 plus years to his
    wonderful wife Pam and father to three young adult children & a proud grandfather of one.

    For more information on Howard Vlieger:

  16. Will there be an online version of the petition that folks in our rural areas can sign?

  17. Just signed the petition in front of the Eureka Safeway. Thank You GMO Free Humboldt! Let us remind the public of the rbST debacle when gathering signatures for the petition.

  18. Do you have a petition on this site and if so can Canadians with equal concerns sign it?

  19. Can we get some petitions in southern Humboldt?? Perhaps at chataqua or flavors…I would totally sign :)

  20. I also have a compromised immune system. Organic food is essential to living with it.

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